Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ammon Cunningham on Utah’s Canyonlands National Park

As a very active travel blogger, Ammon Cunningham has many favorite travel destinations to recommend. However, he would really like everyone to know that his home, Utah, contains some of the most amazing travel destination in the world. Everyone who loves to travel and see beautiful places, for example, should head to the southeast corner of Utah and check out Canyonlands National Park, which is often referred to as the Utah Grand Canyon because many of the views are just as spectacular.

Whether it is the incredible vistas overlooking the carved canyons below, or the breathtaking the views of snowcapped mountains off in the distance, there is certainly a reason why the Park sees more than 600,000 visitors in a given year. Another reason Ammon Cunningham believes Canyonlands National Park is such a popular recreational destination in Utah because the Green River and Colorado River both run through the middle of it, and that draws recreational tourists who are looking for something exciting to do, whether it is kayaking, swimming or hiking some of the most challenging trails anywhere.