Sunday, 30 July 2017

Ammon Cunningham Writes About Arches National Park

Ammon Cunningham
As a prolific traveler and a blogger who likes to write about all of his travel experiences, Ammon Cunningham almost feels that it is his duty to let his readers know about his home state of Utah. Not only is Utah a great place to live, but the state features many of the most beautiful and incredible travel destinations in the world. From Ammon Cunningham’s point of view, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world is Arches National Park.

Arches National Park is one of the most popular parks in Utah. In part this is because the park got its name from the breathtaking views caused by the more than 2000 natural stone arches that mark the landscape. Ammon Cunningham points out that the most popular of the arches is Delicate Arch, which is among the most photographed stone features in the world. The visually stunning Delicate Arch looks much like a horseshoe sticking out of the ground and framing the beautiful Utah mountain range behind it.

One reason Ammon Cunningham loves Arches National Park to such a degree is because of its elevation. Located just outside the city of Moab, the park is considerably higher in elevation. That not only makes a drive to the park very special because of the impressive views of the city, but it also makes it a great destination on those hot Utah summer days. He also appreciates the impressively large network of hiking and biking trails that fill the park and offer majestic views of the most impressive arches and the most interesting rock formations anywhere in the world. Ammon Cunningham wants you to know that there are many site to look for in Arches National Park, including Devil's Garden, Double Arch, Fiery Furnace, Balanced Rock, Park Avenue, the Windows, Sandstone Arch and Broken Arch. Ammon believes you'll be amazed at the incredible beauty of Arches National Park.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Why Ammon Cunningham Recommends Capitol Reef National Park

The prolific blogger and avid traveler Ammon Cunningham lives in Utah because it has always been home for him, but he’s not content to simply live there. He wants everyone else to know that his home state features some of the most magnificent scenery anywhere in the world and that means the state has many of the greatest travel destinations anywhere. One great example he loves to tell others about through his blog and through general travel advice is the magnificent Capitol Reef National Park.

Capitol Reef is about 100 miles from Canyonlands National Park, so it is possible for travelers to make it a two-fer of sorts. The main feature of Capitol Reef National Park is the wall of banded sandstone that rises like a reef from the Fremont River. That is part of what is perhaps the most impressive section of what has been named the Waterpocket Fold and it is a great example of Capitol Reef National Park’s scenery, which is almost all spectacular. The park’s scenery features canyons, of course, but also, cliff walls, arches, rock spires and gorges, all of which will make photographers jump for joy. Hikers will also find the Park irresistible. There are also many strange rock formations and chimneys that have been carved out of the rock by erosion, as well as rock paintings from the Indian Fremont culture. And it’s all easily accessible through relatively easy hikes through the park.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ammon Cunningham on Utah’s Canyonlands National Park

As a very active travel blogger, Ammon Cunningham has many favorite travel destinations to recommend. However, he would really like everyone to know that his home, Utah, contains some of the most amazing travel destination in the world. Everyone who loves to travel and see beautiful places, for example, should head to the southeast corner of Utah and check out Canyonlands National Park, which is often referred to as the Utah Grand Canyon because many of the views are just as spectacular.

Whether it is the incredible vistas overlooking the carved canyons below, or the breathtaking the views of snowcapped mountains off in the distance, there is certainly a reason why the Park sees more than 600,000 visitors in a given year. Another reason Ammon Cunningham believes Canyonlands National Park is such a popular recreational destination in Utah because the Green River and Colorado River both run through the middle of it, and that draws recreational tourists who are looking for something exciting to do, whether it is kayaking, swimming or hiking some of the most challenging trails anywhere.